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How to detect and prevent AP fraud before it causes damage

Accounts payable fraud is very common in today's increasingly digital world. Detecting and preventing AP fraud is critical for every organisation, given the financial and emotional damage it can cause.

In order to protect a business and its financial assets, it’s essential to use automation and have the right technology in place. Taking manual processes out of the equation and replacing them with automated AP workflows, will help flag unusual or suspicious activities in real time.
Join our webinar and learn simple things you can do
to protect your business
Kayleigh Graham, Head of Partnerships & Growth at Telleroo, and Alex Keselman, Product Solutions Expert at ApprovalMax, will be sharing how implementing tech solutions can help you minimize the risks for your business
Alex Keselman

Product Expert and Solutions Engineer

at ApprovalMax

Kayleigh Graham

Head of Partnerships & Growth

at Telleroo

On the webinar, you’ll learn

How ApprovalMax can establish confidence by introducing tight processes for spend control, fraud minimisation, and audit trails

How Telleroo can de-risk your payment process by minimising manual data entry and human error

Which ApprovalMax and Telleroo features can help prevent fraud in a short demo

If you can’t make the webinar, register anyway and we’ll send a recording for you to watch in your own time.

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About ApprovalMax

ApprovalMax is the #1 tool to get your bills and expenses approved and paid on time. It integrates seamlessly with Xero and Quickbooks Online and replaces the need for paper and email approvals.

About Telleroo

Say goodbye to manually keying in payments and payee data. Telleroo cuts out errors, saves time and de-risks the whole payment process. Sync directly from Xero with no file imports or exports or from everywhere else via file import. Join thousands of businesses already using Telleroo to take the pain out of payments.