Tightening Financial Controls with ApprovalMax and Xero

Financial controls are critical for any business wanting financial discipline and protection from fraudulent behaviour. Developing and enforcing solid financial controls are a must for any successful business wanting to manage risk, and to get staff to follow correct financial policies, procedures, and legal requirements.
Join us for an informative webinar where we step into the world of internal financial controls, and share valuable tips on how to develop and enforce them with maximum effectiveness
  • Heather Smith
    Hype Girl for Accounting Apps
  • Cassandra Scott
    Head of Bookkeeping, ApprovalMax
  • Simon Foster
    GM of eInvoicing, Xero
Heather Smith (host) will be joined by experts
from ApprovalMax and Xero to discuss:
  • How to standardise your financial documents so there is consistency in structure, appearance, and format
  • How to ensure the right people have access to systems and financial resources.
  • Separation of duties – best practice to reduce employee fraud
  • Meeting legal and insurance obligations and fulfilling
    duty of care to clients
  • The role of eInvoicing, benefits, and why it is important
  • Setting up an approval process to mitigate improper practices,
    fraud, or discrepancies.

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