Best practice for managing accounts payable for NFPs

How BDO New Zealand use ApprovalMax

for approval automation

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NFPs and charities face many challenges when it comes to financial controls. High trust is placed on those responsible for the finances, so it’s vital to have systems in place to automate processes and reduce the likelihood for errors or fraud.

We’ve invited experts from BDO NZ to explain how their NFP clients automate their accounts payable function using ApprovalMax.

During this webinar, we’ve discussed:

  • 1

    How to automate and manage finances, simplify audits, and improve financial compliance reporting

  • 2

    How to implement a delegation of authority policy that’s easy to follow

  • 3

    How to create a seamless accounts payable function while working remotely

  • 4

    How ApprovalMax is a key part of BDO’s Advisory offering – specifically bill and PO approvals, and how audit trails in ApprovalMax provide BDO clients with confidence and peace of mind

The webinar also includes a product demo: the experts will show you how to set up approval workflows using ApprovalMax and how easy it is for approvers to use them.
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