Learn how your organisation can benefit from setting up budgets and collating invoice amounts with the budgets using the Budget Checking feature in ApprovalMax

Improving your spend control with budgets and budget checking
in ApprovalMax

If you’re looking to strengthen spend control, one of the first things you can do is to create a budget. If you don’t have one yet and you're not sure how to start, join this webinar to get useful tips.

To control if your spending is aligned with the budget, you’ll also need to provide the approvers of invoices and purchase orders with an easy way to view the budgets. We have you covered here as well with our new Budget Checking feature.

Budget Checking is one of the latest additions to the ApprovalMax functionality. It is highly beneficial for any company that requires proper spend control. With this feature, approvers can collate the amounts of pending purchase orders and bills with existing budgets to make their decisions accordingly.
Join our webinar to:
  • Get tips on budget
  • Get a full overview of the
    Budget Checking capability
  • See a live
    feature demo
  • Ask your questions
    there and then
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Watch the webinar to learn how to improve your spend control with budgets and budget checking!
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