New year, new processes: how to improve your accounts payable process in 2022
Your accountant has identified you as someone that would benefit from using an app called ApprovalMax.
ApprovalMax is a cloud-based approval system that integrates with Xero. It helps you set financial controls in your business so you can go paperless with automated approvals.

* When you accept this invitation, your accountant will be notified via email and will set you up.

Why does my accountant think I should be using ApprovalMax?

  • 1

    To gain visibility on your day-to-day business expenses, while improving your financial controls.

  • 2

    To ensure every purchase order, bill, and sales invoices is being approved by the right person in your business.

  • 3

    To reduce the hours spent each week raising POs, handling invoices, and making bulk payments.

  • 4

    To protect your business from accidental or unauthorised payments, and fraudulent transactions.

  • 5

    Because you are reviewing, approving, and storing paper invoices

    and could be paperless.

  • 6

    You have several approvers in your business and need different levels

    of approvals to make it easier.

  • 7

    You need to assure auditors with a trail of approved invoices, sales, and purchases, saved to the cloud.

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Business improvements when using ApprovalMax

  • Your approval times will be faster – purchase orders and bills will be authorised faster (compared to paper) and automatically saved to Xero.

  • You’ll enjoy flexibility – approvers can access ApprovalMax any time, anywhere. From a laptop at home,

    or a mobile phone while on the go.

  • You’ll make payments on time – your payment process will speed up. Real-time spending will be reflected

    in your financial reports.

  • You’ll improve your AP workflow – you will tighten your financial controls and have evidence for transaction

    approvals – (who and when).

  • Manual processes will be eliminated – the time-consuming task of collecting physical signatures for invoice approvals

    will stop.

  • No more printing – with ApprovalMax, you’ll go paperless and cut out costs for paper, ink cartridges, and printer maintenance.

ApprovalMax is a
Multiple Award Winner
  • Xero App Partner
    of the Year 2020
  • Xero App of the Month
    June 2021
  • Xero Emerging App Partner
    of the Year 2017