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New year, new processes:

how to improve your accounts payable

process in 2022

The accounts payable process is a crucial function in any finance department. Improvements in this area bring immediate cost savings, allow AP teams to move forward at a faster pace and eliminate problems like late payments. So, where does your accounts payable process stand in 2022? And, are there easy fixes to potential inefficiencies? Watch our webinar and find out!

In this 40-minute webinar, you’ll learn about:
The most common bottlenecks
in the AP process
Reasons for AP process inefficiencies
Easy ways to fix such inefficiencies
Watch the webinar to get the best tips on how to establish efficiency, clear communication, and transparency!
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Meet the host
Sahil Malhotra, CPA

A Certified Public Accountant with CPA Australia, having worked in a practice, and with his extensive experience in the accounting and SaaS industry, Sahil is a trusted advisor to his clients. Over the last decade, Sahil has gained an in-depth understanding of the cloud-enabled accounting ecosystem, having worked at Xero as well as with other integrated add-on apps, with a focus on end-to-end solution offering. Sahil is passionate about streamlining internal processes and believes in automating any approach that obstructs great performance.