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Now is the perfect time to level-up your tech stack with approval automation. Get prepared for the new financial year and beyond – sign-up to ApprovalMax now and get your first month free*

Get sorted for the new financial year with approval automation

Find out how ApprovalMax can help streamline your processes throughout the entire financial year

Start the new financial year strong and add the ultimate super power to your accounting tech stack with:

Approval automation matrixes
Streamline your approval processes with automated systems that push your financial documents to the right person at the right time.
Audit trails, reporting and search
Keep your records up to date with automatic audit trails linked directly to your approval automations and your accounting ERP.
Budget checking
Get real-time visibility over your budgets by tying your financial documents to projects through your approval matrixes
Bill-to-PO matching
Match bills to the already approved purchase orders for additional spend control
Mobile approvals
Encourage fast approvals on-the-go and reduce fraud risk with a dedicated mobile app that keeps your approvers out of your finance system and focused on the right documents.

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25% of bills are approved in less than 2 hours
50% of bills are approved in less than 1 day

Learn from our product expert

Join one of our upcoming weekly product demos to learn from our resident product and solutions expert, Alex Keselman as he takes you through our features and answers common questions.

Alex Keselman
Product Expert and Solutions Engineer

Stories, articles and updates

Discover articles and updates from the ApprovalMax team and stories from real people using cloud approval workflows. Learn how you can use ApprovalMax to streamline your financial processes.