Can remote AP teams be well-oiled machines and more productive working from home? Do your remote processes and workflows match up with what other AP teams are doing in 2022, or do you have a feeling you might be missing a thing or two?

Tips (and tools) to running
a world-class remote AP team

Join our 30-minute webinar to learn about best practice for remote AP teams – what you should, and shouldn’t be doing, as well as:
How invoices should arrive when your team is distributed, and how to prevent physical invoices from getting missed.
How to get an invoice reviewed, verified, and approved when you can't be in the office with your approvers, and how to set up a smooth workflow.
How to deal with approvers that ignore your requests to approve invoices on time – no matter how many times you’ve emailed them.
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Join our webinar, learn from our examples, and adopt the processes of a world-class remote AP team!