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Download our case study and learn how Sharesies used automation to streamline their approval process and augment their cloud accounting tech stack with ApprovalMax

Case Study: How Sharesies automated their approvals process & EOFY audits

Due to tight regulations, rapid business growth, and frequent audits, Sharesies needed airtight finance management systems to scale with them as the business grew. Adding ApprovalMax to their tech stack was the answer to helping Sharesies to run their day-to-day business expenses, so they could manage the investments of thousands of Australasians, without ever having to chase up a single paper or email-based approval.

Hannah Korner, Corporate Accountant at Sharesies, explains how Sharesies use approval automation to support their finance function, and what that means for their continued business growth.

In this case study, you will learn:

Why Sharesies adopted

cloud-based approval automation

How Sharesies’ approval processes have changed thanks to automation

How Sharesies use ApprovalMax and their app-stack to scale their business

Discover how automated AP processes have improved things
for the Sharesies team