The biggest scams affecting Australian businesses in 2023

With cybercriminals becoming sophisticated in their tactics, it's important to stay vigilant and know how to protect your business.
Join ApprovalMax, Annature,
and Xbert for an eye-opening webinar
Join ApprovalMax, Annature, and Xbert for an eye-opening webinar as we explore the biggest scams impacting Australian businesses today and what you can do to prevent them.
  • Trent McLaren
    Founder, Journey
  • Brendan Lucas CA
    Head of Accounting APAC, ApprovalMax
  • Amreeta Abbott
    CEO and Founder, Annature
  • Soraya Brown
    Global Success Manager, Xbert

Trent McLaren (Journey) will be hosting this webinar

and will weigh in with the product experts as they discuss:

How they work, examples of recent attacks, and tips for identifying and preventing them with the right financial controls.
Business Email Compromise (BEC) Scams
How they can be used to commit invoice fraud, and advice on prevention measures.
Anti-Money Laundering
The risks and best practices for collecting this information securely (and not capturing it in your email inbox).
Insider threats, tips and best practices for preventing fraud by employees.
Cybersecurity Training
and Education
The importance of training employees and tips for conducting effective programs.

If you can’t make the webinar, register anyway, and we’ll send a recording.

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